Meet Jeremy


The design thing happened pretty early on in his life. From scribbling with crayons as young child, to scribbling with crayons as an adult throughout college and university, Jeremy has always been using his imagination to it’s full. Working as a designer full time since 2006, he’s worked with a wide range of well known companies, producing top-notch advertising, editorial design (magazines and newspapers), corporate design (logos and branding) and the occasional web stuff.


When he’s not on his quest for negative space or worshipping the Helvetica gods, you can find him pursuing his love for Formula 1, driving the car of his dreams and following pretty much anything to do with cars. Having travelled to places such as Belgium and Hungary just to see races, you can tell he’s just as dedicated to motors as he is to designing. You could say the same about music. He’s often seen jumping around in a stylish manner at the front of crowds at live gigs and always has his headphones on him to get away from the world when needed.


To sum up, Jeremy is a motivated, imaginative, honest, passionate, creative, perfectionist. Working as a designer was inevitable.





In the top 100 and also shortlisted for Poster For Tomorrow. This year's brief was 'Make Extremism History'. Included in exhibitions all over the world.





Shortlisted for Poster For Tomorrow. The brief was to design a poster to raise awareness of the universal right to healthcare.





Designed a 50th anniversary T-shirt for the McLaren Formula 1 Team. This was later sold as a limited edition on their website.





Approached by the owner of the popular website to produce Photoshopped images for an article showing retro liveries on modern day Formula 1 cars.





Shortlisted for the awards final night in the Recruitment Advertising Design (RAD) awards in London.





Designed a Christmas card for 2009 Formula 1 World Champion, Jenson Button. This card was printed and used by him to send to his family, friends and colleagues that year.



If you'd like to ask anything about my projects, interested in working with me or you're just plain lonely and need a chat, feel free to get in touch.


You can email me or you can follow what I'm up to on the well known Bookface or Retwit.

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